We value our continued partnership

Dear Valued Partner,

Today, we are happy to share the good news that our financial restructuring process is now complete. Philippine Airlines has officially emerged from the Chapter 11 process with a streamlined fleet, lower debt and fresh capital that positions us well for the challenges of the future.

Our fleet of 70 aircraft will continue to be deployed on a global network of routes linking the Philippines to North America, the Middle East, Australia and much of Asia. We expect to restore more routes and increase flight frequencies as travel restrictions ease and borders reopen. 

With the completion of our restructuring process, we expect to pay our outstanding invoices in accordance with the agreed timelines. We greatly appreciate the understanding and patience that you extended to us as we navigated the challenges related to the unprecedented global pandemic. 

Our partnership with you, our valued supplier, will always be extremely important to us. We look forward to our continuing partnership and a productive future.  

Maraming Salamat.


Will my contract with PAL change now that you have emerged?

We plan to continue our relationship with you, our valued suppliers. Our partnership with you has always been and remains extremely important to us.

Will there be changes to my payment status / terms now that you have completed this process?

Now that we have emerged from Chapter 11, we expect to pay our outstanding invoices in accordance with the agreed timelines.

Will my contact person remain the same?

We expect to continue usual, day-to-day business operations, which includes the same individuals being your points of contact unless and until you are informed otherwise.

How can I be sure you’ll still have the ability to pay invoices?

We have received new long-term financing that provides sufficient liquidity to continue our operations in the ordinary course of business, which includes paying our ongoing suppliers.


If you have any questions related to our process, please do not hesitate to reach out to your normal company contacts.